• Thinking the Elm way

    The Elm programming language may seem daunting to some at first, but the advantages that the Elm way gives you may be very useful if you're building an application that fits into an Elm mindset.

  • 0010 0011

    Tomorrow marks a new chapter in my life — 23 years since I've been alive on this planet.

  • Relying on a third party to build your application

    Always be weary of building meaningful applications on top of a third-party service which paying them to build meaningful applications on top of their stack was not a primary or intended use case.

  • Using grep in Ruby

    Did you know that the popular unix tool grep has a ruby implementation? It's very powerful, too.

  • Configure your development environment at the speed of light

    Some handy open-source tools to ease the burden of configuring your development environment.

  • The building blocks of a poker application

    Join me as we walk through analysing poker hands using Elixir - a beautiful, pragmatic functional programming language.

  • Neovim is awesome

    My favourite editor gets better with this awesome fork.

  • Being a humble developer

    Thoughts on mentoring and helping others by another developer trying to figure things out.

  • The doctor's brew prescription

    When Homebrew goes wrong ask for a doctor

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