I'm Muyiwa Olu (moo-yi-wah oh-loo), a Nigerian-British human based in the United Kingdom. Welcome to my corner of the 'net.


  • I enjoy building things by solving problems
  • I love building things that people use
  • I prefer to work with others than on my own
  • I'm extremely curious
  • The glass is half-full
  • I have particularly keen interests in economics, design, technology, and politics
  • I'm at my least happy when I don't feel like I'm learning.


I'm currently helping Wefarm as the Technical Lead of a cross-functional product development squad.

  • My primary skill is programming applications for the web
  • I have professional experience in a variety of programming languages, tools, technologies, and frameworks
  • I've been a member and leader of multiple cross-functional product development teams at different startups in London
  • I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


  • You can view my public source code on GitHub
  • I write about programming at muyiwa.codes
  • I share short thoughts on Twitter
  • I share longer — mostly non-programming, more structured — thoughts on Medium.


  • If it's a short quip or quick question; Twitter is your best chance at a timely reply (my DM's are open to the public)
  • For anything else, email me.


  • This website is entirely open source
  • It requires a modern browser with JavaScript enabled to work
  • I don't use any cookies or other similarly creepy technologies.