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A passionate and driven programmer and team leader. Boundlessly fascinated by technology's central role in changing the world – keen to help shape its future.


Technical Lead, Wefarm — Jan 2020–Present

Leading a cross functional product development team consisting of machine learning engineers, data scientists, software engineers, product designers, and a product manager. Responsibilities included: architectural decisions, hiring, mentoring, pairing, presenting feature releases company-wide, and helping unblock the team wherever possible.

Senior Full Stack Engineer, Wefarm — Aug 2019–Jan 2020

Contributing to various projects as a member of a cross functional product development team. Worked on across-the-stack features, bugs, and data requests. Hosted and participated in technical talks with other engineers to continuously improve the infrastructure and code base.

Senior Full Stack Engineer, Quorso — Sep 2018–Aug 2019

Building out features across the stack, numerous contributions to improvements in software development processes, architectural lead for multiple projects, bug fixes, and being on-call.

Software Engineer, carwow — July 2016 – Sep 2018

Product-focused software engineer working in multiple cross functional squad setups. Primarily built out fully tested features across the stack, also participated in infrastructure projects, and was on the site-reliability on call schedule. Led various retrospectives, post-mortems, and company-wide product release announcements.

Software Engineer (contractor) — Jan 2013 – Mar 2016

Various short (3-6 months) contracts as a software engineer for several companies around the world. Worked on tightly scoped projects such as database migrations, OAuth 2 integration, API endpoint design, data design, and infrastructure scripting.


Programming, leadership, software design, product development, databases, distributed systems, web services, operating systems, scripting.


Ruby, Python, Javascript, React, Clojure, Clojurescript, Elm, Postgres, Kafka, Ubuntu, Docker, Shell Scripting, Git.

For privacy reasons, I've chosen to omit some personally identifying information in the online formats of my CV.

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